Product review – Trimits dressmaking pattern weights = 5*

I am really starting to get into dressmaking now and I recently got some new Trimits pattern weights.

Trying to get the pin through both the paper pattern and the fabric (or 2 layers of fabric if cutting on the fold) can be costly in time (it is a very time consuming, slow process), precision (it is so easy to move the fabric by accident when trying to get the pin through all the layers which means the fabric may no longer be lying flat or in the right place which is especially important if you are cutting directional prints) and durability (lots of pin holes in a paper pattern will no doubt weaken it over time thus its reusability is lessened).

These Trimits pineapple pattern weights are perfect because they remove the need to pin the pattern by simply laying the weights on top of the edges of your pattern pieces at varying intervals. They are deceptively heavy which means that they will hold the paper edges flat against the fabric so that there is no distortion and then you can start cutting straight away! Yay!

You can get lots of different pattern weight shapes but I particularly like the Trimits pineapple shape (more than the flat pattern weights) because you can easily move them about by grabbing the pineapple’s green crown – nothing fiddly about it!

Misha also gave it the big seal of approval as she could bop it about and the weighted bottom meant it wasn’t moving anywhere!

The Trimits pineapple weights come in packs of 2 so I will definitely be getting more because I have really enjoyed using them! For now, I am using Misha as an additional pattern weight…

You can buy these pattern weights directly from Minerva Crafts or contact to find your nearest stockists!