Book review: ‘I Heart Hawaii’ by Lindsey Kelk = 5*

Having read the entire ‘I Heart’ series, I was so excited to read the latest addition! As soon as I started reading the book it felt like no time had passed and I was once again reunited with old friends. With humour and warmth, we follow Angela and Jenny on their latest adventure (and all that ensues)…to Hawaii! This book has all of the Lindsey Kelk trademarks: wit, authenticity, vivid descriptions, down-to-earth characters, and belly-laugh moments! I also love the subtle nods to Lindsey’s other books as an extra something for those who are loyal fans! Whether you’ve read all of the ‘I Heart’ series or whether this is your first ‘I Heart’ book, it is sure to capture your hearts as you fall in love with Angela, Jenny and the whole entourage!