Book review: “Happiness for Beginners” by Carole Matthews = 4*

I absolutely ADORED the main storyline of this book. It is set on a farm which offers support and activities for children and young people who struggle within mainstream education. I’ve worked with children and young people who struggle within mainstream education so I know first hand just how good alternative provisions can be and also the struggles that they can face (especially around funding). This book captures it perfectly and it is so refreshing to read a chick-lit novel which also tackles such an important topic which is not typically spoken about within fiction writing. I really, really enjoyed this book. It has the perfect combination of romance, heartache, humour and real-life topics. The only thing I didn’t like (and this is completely my personal preference as I know other readers may like this) were the times when it felt like the main character was talking to me directly as the reader – I much prefer being an external observer to their world rather than being spoken to directly! Nonetheless, it is another fabulous Carole Matthews book!