Product review: Clover buttonhole cutter

I have been making a new dress this week: the Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress using the Equateur 6 Lequilt fabric by Stof and stocked by Minerva Crafts.This dress has buttonholes. I’m not going to lie, cutting buttonholes scares me because what I always worry that my hand could slip, cut through the buttonhole itself and ruin what I’ve spent hours/days making!This weekend I have been using the Clover Buttonhole Cutter whilst making my vintage shirt dress.I used my Janome sewing machine to sew the buttonhole and it never fails to amaze me how clever the machine is at making a buttonhole to the size you need simply by placing the button at the back the foot!Then, I placed the cutting mat underneath my buttonhole (making sure the rest of the dress was well out of the way) and used the cutter to cut through the fabric with an ever so slight rocking motion forwards and backwards.I was surprised by how effective such a small cutter could be and also how clean the cut was!Using a seam ripper to cut the buttonhole is good too but it doesn’t give anywhere near as smooth a cut as the Clover buttonhole cutter!I can’t wait to start making lots of new dresses with buttonholes now!For Clover stockists information or if you are a retailer and want to stock Clover items then please contact