Book review: ’10 Step Drawing: Nature’ = 5*

There is a new addition to the Search Press ’10 Step Drawing’ series and what a fabulous addition it is!

’10 Step Drawing: Nature’, by Mary Woodin, aims to guide you through creating your own nature images (animals, flowers, trees and more) within 10 steps!

Now, I’ll be honest with you here, when I flicked through the book and saw the sumptuous images I really didn’t believe such detailed drawings could be created in 10 steps…well, I was wrong! Mary really does expertly guide you through each image in 10 achievable steps! Before we get onto the drawings, I just wanted to show the contents pages:

The book is divided into 3 different ‘nature’ themes including: ‘Meadows and Wetland’, ‘Forest’ and ‘Coast’. I was really impressed at the wide variety of nature drawings within each theme (there are 60 options). and even the contents page is beautifully illustrated. So, from wildlife to plants, this book has you covered!

The instructions and the layout of each drawing is really well placed and easy to follow. Each of the steps are numbered along with their corresponding instructional image and short textual instructions. I love how accessible this is by making each step a short, achievable step which doesn’t feel overwhelming.

I also love how under each title, there is a little extra info to inspire, encourage and inform! The final image is the largest image and I think that really helps for clarity so that you know what you are progressing towards. I also really like that the colour palette is at the end underneath the final image as it means you can focus on the actual mark marking in steps 1-9 before exploring colour in the final step. That really helps to make sure we’re not getting distracted by colours in the earlier steps and that we can then focus on the structure, the marks and the shapes!

I’ve really enjoyed looking through this book and I have cracked out my pen and paper to start the 10 steps too! These are my steps 1-9 for drawing the ‘Juniper’ from the book and I am now looking forwards to step 10 and adding the colour!

This is a really beautiful, accessible and inspiring book which is full of creativity and ideas for drawing nature!

To find out more about Mary Woodin you can head to her digital platforms:

The book is available on the Search Press website here: