Book review: “Creative Calligraphy: Prompts, Tutorials and Practice Pages” by Mary Noble and Janet Mehigan = 4*

Creative Calligraphy is a new Search Press book which is your go-to handbook for calligraphy!

At an RRP of £12.99, this book is an absolute bargain as it has a whopping 224 pages! It is HUGE!

You can see how vast this book is which gives an indication of just how much it includes! I also really love how the different sections are colour coded so at a quick glance you’re able to flick to the section you want!

The book starts with a really comprehensive guide to the book’s layout, tools and materials, marks, pressure, pen angles and problem solving. This helps to give you a solid foundation before moving on to the projects!

The book has seven “alphabets” and each alphabet starts with information about its origins, structures, pen angles, spacing, uppercase and lowercase guides.

Once those areas have been covered, there are then practise pages for you, as the reader, to use so that you can explore, experiment and practise what’s been taught.

These pages have multiple lines on to guide the shape height (uppercase and lowercase) which is really helpful. There is space for you to practise each letter of the alphabet individually and the authors have included accompanying individual examples of each letter on the page which is a really big help (so that you don’t have to flick back and forth between the main instructions and your practise page).

Following the practise pages, there are then colour pages with designs already made for you to continue to practise your calligraphy on (minus the line guides so it is another step up). These pages are absolutely phenomenal! The designs are so beautiful, so vibrant and so stylish – they’re just waiting for the calligraphy to make them personal to you!

If you’re interested in calligraphy, this is a really fabulous, colourful and hugely detailed book which is a real bargain for £12.99! I gave it 4* because it is so comprehensive, so beautiful and so vast! What I would have loved is some accompanying videos to match the book and to show the alphabets and the pen angles happening in real, moving time because I found it quite hard to follow in the book. I know Search Press have done this with some of their books so it is possible! If there were those videos, it would have been a 5* review for sure! All in all, this really is a beautiful and inspiring book and is available from Search Press here.