Book review: “Crazy Quilting: Dazzling Diamonds” by Kathy Seaman Shaw = 4*

Kathy has done it again and created another fabulous book! Think you know all there is to know about embroidery and crazy patchwork? Then think again as this book offers a new and novel twist: crazy diamond patchwork!

This comprehensive book expertly guides you through Kathy’s process of how to create dazzling diamond crazy patchwork!

The section on creating the quilt blocks (supplies, construction and embellishment) is clear, accessible and easy to follow which step-by-step instructions alongside photos so that you feel supported and inspired to make along too!

Following the block constructions, Kathy then guides you through a whole host of fiber embroidery stitches, silk stitches, combining these stitches and adding beads.

Again, I adore how each of those sections not only has the written instructions but digital images to show how to create the stitch as well as a photo of the completed stitch. This combination really helps to build a comprehensive guide for creating the stitches.

Kathy then shows you how to combine what you’ve learnt (block construction, fiber embroidery, silk embroidery and embellishments) to create her blocks. I love how these are laid out! The block is broken down into the materials/stitches used (with clear digital diagrams) as well as a photo of the finished block – utterly genius and absolutely inspirational!

This is a truly sumptuous and inspirational book and I’d highly recommend it for anyone with an interested in stitching, embroidery, and patchwork!

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