Book review: “Transfer & Stitch” by Search Press

I was sent a free copy of the “Transfer & Stitch” book, published by Search Press, in exchange for an honest review.

‘Transfer & Stitch’, a new publication by Search Press, is an amalgamation of 140 embroidery designs from previously published, bestselling transfer designs. The difference this time, is that they’re all brought together into a single publication. The fabulous pro to this is that they are all encompassed within a beautiful, new folder edition!

When you open up this fabulous folder edition, there are 2 books inside. One book contains step-by-step photos of embroidery tutorials followed by images of the finished embroidery designs themselves and ideas for how to use those designs (tablecloths etc).

The imagery is absolutely exquisite and the stitch tutorials are very clear and accessible.

The 2nd book contains the reusable embroidery transfers themselves. I love that they’re multi-use so that you can use them again and again (and again and again!) You simply cut out the page of the transfer design that you’d like to embroider, place it face down onto your fabric, cover it with a tea-towel and iron!

When you remove the paper transfer, you have a folder ready to store it in thanks to this new book edition! You are then left with the stunning design on your fabric ready to start embroidering.

The book doesn’t give you a step-by-step tutorial for which stitches to use on the design. The idea is that the book acts as a source of inspiration and then you, as the stitcher, can use any stitch/thread/colour combination to make it your own. Personally, I think this can be both a pro and a con. If you’re new to embroidery or not very confident in designing embroidery, it could feel quite overwhelming to have to choose the stitches yourself. Conversely, it could act as a springboard for creativity so that you can make it to the style you’d prefer.

The designs themselves are absolutely fantastic. Such a huge variety of designs and motifs so there is sure to be multiple designs that catch your eye and heart!

This will make a breathtakingly beautiful and creative gift for yourself and for loved ones too with inspiration aplenty!