Book review: “Quilt As You Go” by Carolyn Forster = 5*

To start off with transparency, I want to be clear that I was sent a free copy of this book for an honest review. The word honest is key here. Everything I write is always completely and utterly unfiltered and these are my own, honest views through and through.

Carolyn Forster is a sewing extraordinaire and someone whose work I have admired for many years. If you don’t already follow Carolyn on Instagram then I would really encourage you to do so as she posts such incredible and inspiring makes. Carolyn has published extensively and I was so excited to see Carolyn’s new book!

Quilt As You Go‘ is published by Search Press and it is a detailed, inspirational and comprehensive book that explores the quilt-as-you-go technique.

The book contains 14 individual projects for quilt-as-you-go techniques including hand-sewing, machine sewing, log cabins, stitch-and-flip methods, cathedral windows and so, much more.

In the introduction of the book, Carolyn explores the history of ‘quilt-as-you-go’. I absolutely adore reading the history of techniques and I think this is such an important section to include as it shows that the book has been comprehensively researched. Again, the inclusion of this section as the start of a book is a true testament to Carolyn and her work ethic.

Carolyn then guides you through the tools and materials that you’ll need (threads, fabrics, needles, wadding etc) before then explaining quilting and binding techniques. The layout of the book is extremely accessible, intuitive and inspirational.

Then Carolyn moves onto the 14 techniques. I’m going to start off by saying how incredible they all are! Genuinely, each technique made me think “oh my gosh, this is amazing! I’ll start this straight away”…then I turned the page and fell in love with the following technique, and the following technique, and the following technique and so on! Be prepared to fall in love with them all!

Carolyn starts by presenting each technique with some information about the history of the technique, the measurements, the methods involved and inspiration for developing it further.

I really like that the requirements for each technique are clear, detailed and leave no unexpected surprises! I also really like that Carolyn encourages you to explore your own tastes and creativity when making.

The instructions for each of the 14 techniques comprise of clear textual, step-by-steps accompanied by labelled and coordinating photos. This combination is invaluable for supporting you as the maker. Carolyn then gives instructions, and inspiration, for joining your blocks together.

There are templates to accompany all of the projects that require them. They are printed at full size which is always helpful as it means you don’t have to do any increases.

The photography is utterly sublime. The level of sumptuous detail is breathtaking.

I can wholeheartedly say that this is the best patchwork book that I have read in a long, long time. It is my must-have book for 2021….and 2022 too! 5* (and I’d give it more if I could!)