Book review = 5* for “big stitch quilting” by Carolyn Forster

For transparency: I was given a copy of this book on exchange for a review. The review, however, is 100% genuine with my own thoughts and feelings.

The review:

Big stitch quilting‘ is the 2021 book by the amazing Carolyn Forster. Carolyn is an internationally renowned writer, designer, maker and teacher with a multitude of publications – all of which are superb! This book is another incredible addition to the Carolyn bookshelf!

‘Big stitch quilting’ is absolutely packed with beautiful photography, detailed instructions, a multitude of inspiration and more alongside 20 projects for you to explore big stitch quilting with.

At the start of the book there is a contents page that clearly sets out the format for the book along with the page number.

This is perfectly bookended with a clear and accessible index at the back of the book so that you, as the reader, will be able to easily find the project and page that you’re searching for.

Carolyn starts the book by exploring big stitch quilting in historical makes as well as in different cultures. The level of details in the photos is astounding and I love learning the wider context of big stitch quilting and how it has been used.

Carolyn then moves on to talk about the tools and materials that she uses for big stitch quilting.

Again, I really liked the level of detail and how the tools and materials are broken down into subsections. This really helps the reader to make informed choices about materials, their uses, and considerations to take into account.

Each section has a clear heading so you know what it is about. In this section, Carolyn discusses the actual act of stitching the patchwork pieces and covers stitch length, pressing, chain piecing, and techniques.

Nothing is taken for granted and I really like that. Carolyn does not presuppose our knowledge as the reader and so all bases are covered with instructions that are all clear, understandable, easy to follow and have high-quality instructional images.

There are instructions and clear images for tacking, basting, quilt designs, quilting stitches, binding, and more.

Then come the projects and they are all amazing!! Sometimes, a book has a handful of projects that may inspire you. This book, however, is inspiring from start to finish. All 20 of the projects are amazing and ones that I absolutely want to try! There are 11 home items projects (bags, coasters, wrapping cloths etc) and 9 quilt projects.

Each project is titled and has clear information about the sort of project it is, the measurements, the requirements (fabric and notions), how to cut the fabric, and a digital image of the design as well as styled photography.

The photography truly is sublime! Following the above information, there is then a step-by-step for how to make the project with digital images to guide you alongside written guidance.

The book also contains the templates that are needed for the projects too so you can start stitching straight away!

I truly, truly love this book. It really is jam-packed with sumptuous images as well as clear and easy-to-follow instructions for a whole range of methods, stitches and quilting approaches as well as the 20 projects. It is absolutely a book that I’d highly, highly recommend!

You can see more of Carolyn’s work on her website and on her Instagram.

The book is published by, and available to buy from, Search Press.