Book review ‘A Perfect Cornish Summer’ + sewing

5* for A Perfect Cornish Summer
This is the first Phillipa Ashley book that I’ve read and it definitely won’t be the last because it was amazing! With humour, heart break, love, romance, kinship, food, community spirit and a range of characters, Phillipa expertly takes you on a journey to Cornwall in the lead up to the town’s festival which entices and enthralls from start to finish! I would definitely recommend this book and I am keeping everything crossed that it’ll be the start of a whole new series of books for Phillipa as I want to go on more journeys with these characters!

I couldn’t resist making a 6-point diamond star block (in keeping with the 2019 IG-led #fussycuttingsewalong) with a foodie theme to match the book’s foodie theme! I’ve used this fabulous fabric from the ‘Emma’s Kitchen’ collection by Haerae Design Studio. Head on over to Hantex to find your nearest stockists of this fabric collection!

Book review: ‘Dreaming of Rome’ by T.A.Williams

On the whole, I really enjoyed this book. The characters were authentic, funny, and likeable. The storyline was romantic, engaging, lively and humorous. It is a perfect chick-lit summer read and definitely makes me want to hop on a plane to Rome as the descriptions are so vivid and enticing.
For me, the only thing that let it down (otherwise it would have been a 5* review) was the ending as I felt it set feminism back about 50 years (I won’t expand anymore because I don’t want to spoil anything).