British Patchwork and Quilting

This page will be updated regularly when new designs are published. All of these designs are English Paper Pieced. None of the images can be copied or reproduced without my permission.

British Patchwork and Quilting Publications (Many thanks to British Patchwork and Quilting for all of the photography and permissions for me to share this photography on my website):

Issue 289 (February 2018) – Roses and Hearts fussy cut cushion

Issue 292 (May 2018) – Berry Tumblers

Issue 293 (June 2018) – Ombre Confetti Metallic Honeycombs

Issue 295 (August 2018) – Scandinavian Summer

Issue 296 (September 2018) – Butterfly Dance Houses

Issue 299 (December 2018) – Morris Holiday Wall Hanging