Focus Cutting Sewalong

This page is a bit of an FAQ about the #focuscuttingsewalong, how it developed from the #fussycuttingsewalong, what a sewalong is and why I think, if done in a supportive and inclusive way, they are positive for our sewing experiences!

There are also sublinks to find out a bit more information about the current sewalongs that I am hosting or you can click on the links below:

What is a sewalong?

The exact definition of a ‘sewalong’ is a bit vague as it changes depending on the host (ie. the person that is running it), the theme, the methods and the medium used to host it.

From my experience (both in participating and in hosting) a sewalong is when there is a specific theme or design (this could be a pre-specified pattern in a magazine or a book, or a pre-specified shape such as hexagons or diamonds, or even a theme that is open to the individual maker such as ‘love’ or ‘vintage’) and participants are invited to follow along with the host to sew/make according to that specific theme or design. In short…it is a bit like a digital workshop which enables you to dip in and out of making at a time that suits you with lots of handy prompts, encouragements and top tips from the host along the way!

Why are sewalongs worth joining?

Sewalongs are absolutely worth joining because of their multifaceted nature! Not only do you have the opportunity to learn handy tips and tricks from the host (who is often the designer of the specified design), but you can learn these in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you (sewing in your pj’s and dressing gown is much more acceptable in a sewalong than at a guild meeting!) Taking part in a sewalong also provides opportunities to learn from others taking part in the sewalong as well as opportunities to share what you know with those taking part! In turn, this helps to feed back into the community feel that can develop during sewalongs! You basically have the chance to be part of a group that have shared interests who can support, encourage, assist, laugh with, and make with you! If you find the right sewalong, with the right positive vibe, then you can also find your tribe who live in your phone and can thus fit in with your lifestyle!

It sounds great, what sewalongs are there?

The world is your oyster! There are LOTS of sewalongs out there and it is a case of finding the right one (or two or three) for you! For more information about the sewalongs that I am currently hosting click on the links at the top of my page.