I have a range of YouTube English Paper Piecing tutorials available as well as #sewingspotlightsunday videos. These videos can be found on my YouTube Channel

The English Paper Piecing tutorials are not meant to be exhaustive tutorials, but a taster of tips, tricks and possibilities when fussy cutting. The hope is that these tutorials will give you the tools to inspire you to play and continue on your creative journey!

The #sewingspotlightsunday video series started because, as a fabric connoisseur (a fabric connoisseur sounds much nicer than a fabric hoarder right?), I know how frustrating it can be to see a fabric that you absolutely love online but when it arrives you see that the motif size isn’t going to work for your project after all. This video series offers an in-depth look at fabrics, their motif sizes, the threads that would match, ideas for fussy cutting and ideas for sewing projects with that collection. The hope is that you will then feel more informed about the fabric collection and whether it will work for the project you have in mind! I also look at new threads and new sewing gadgets with the same aim of offering you an in-depth look at new sewing goodies before you buy them.

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